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Mick Cantarella, AKA “Levels”, grew to fame and fortune with a small demo studio and one large desire for quality time with his TV and a bag of sunflower seeds (pre-shelled).


Born to a father who was an amateur photographer and mother an artist, Mick was raised in Paris France and Brooklyn NY, and now lives in Tribeca NYC. After graduating from CUNY with a BS in Communications Media, he owned and operated Grampa Audio Recording Studios for 35 years.  Now as a developing photographic artist, Mick has been showing in the downtown Manhattan area. 

- I am currently exploring many styles, though throughout I am always interested in people. In my portrait work, I have found when you look at a person, especially a stranger, you don't really look at them too deeply. It's invasive. I like to provide photographs of people so you can take the time and really look at them. The live subject is not there anymore to make the viewer feel inhibited. Now, not only do I search for new themes and ideas, but ultimately beauty.

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Where Are The Roads by Genes And Machines

Wendy (I Am Anthropology) by Lily Cowles




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